About The Cylinder Shop

Fun Gifts for Pilots

Pilots are a rare breed. We'll fly hundreds of miles to eat a $100 hamburger. Of course its not for the meal, its to be up there. Up in the sky, at the controls of your aircraft. Any reason to fly a little farther.

Aviation is a Lifestyle. It encompasses more than just our bank accounts. Flying is a state of mind, the manifestation of our dreams. That is worth paying for your T-hangar, and scheduling yearly maintenance.

How do you spot a pilot a party? Don't worry about it, he'll let you know.

That mental state stays with you on the drive home, at your kids soccer games, and around the office water cooler. I have an airplane keychain, and my 7 month old son has a closet full of airplane themed onesies. Its hard to avoid planes once they're on the mind.

As pilots its our duty to extend the community. To be active members of our general aviation airports. Wayman Aviation, Wayman Pilot Supplies, and The Cylinder Shop are all sister companies based out of Opa Locka Airport in Miami, FL. A great place to fly, and a central hub for the US, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. One of the many crossroads of the world

After 22 years in the aviation industry we've developed deep relationships with suppliers around the world and pilot shops across the country. We've taken these connections and opened them up to your and your business through The Cylinder Shop, our wholesale channel.

Our talented buyers have a knack for spotting the fun side of flying.

We hope to see these products at your FBO, or pilot shop when we stop for that $100 hamburger.

To all of you, from all of us at The Cylinder Shop- Thank you and Happy Flying!

Wayman Eduardo Luy
Marketing Director